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StandFore – Banking Platform Software

Today, there are a lot of banking platform software that claim to be the best at promoting new designs, features and customizations. It has become quite difficult to stand out of the crowd regarding ranking platform softwares. But, the thing that separates the StandFore – banking system is all of those things combined into one perfect banking platform.

StandFore is developed by the Qulix company, which provides professional software development on US, European and Russian markets. The core thing that separates this banking platform is the custom development by Qulix, and the implementation of comprehensive software systems for banking.

Furthermore, this is a front end platform and its main purpose is to deliver remote access to bank services from the courtesy of all major mobile devices. The new platform implementation induces significant cost savings as well as a customizable interface, which is due to the modern responsive design. Experts have called StandFore a pioneer in the next generation banking platform software’s.

With more than 10 million inpidual end users and with over 50 million operations per year, StandFore is climbing the banking platform ladder with its functionality. Another thing that separates this software from the rest is the fine tuning of retail e-banking strategy. That means that StandFore provides a set of tools for content management, product promotion, platform administration, event monitoring and data mining. Firstly, the statistics and reporting module has flexible analysis tools. Secondly, user behavior analysis, client segmentation, marketing campaigns management and content targeting are incorporated into the digital marketing system. Also, the integrated content management system is there to manage all of the different types of banking content which ranges from products, news, articles etc.

On the other hand, security is generally a major issue and a cause of skepticism when dealing with banking solution software. StandFore has a unique security officer dashboard that gives you the opportunity to know what is going on. It analyzes system operations, events and transactions with efficiency and in-depth security monitoring.

As well as functionality and accessibility to regular clients, StandFore gives the source code to banks that are willing to work together in order to modify it for specific business functions. Mostly these modifications include adding or editing business scenarios such as new types of remittances, application forms and payments. The modifications may include connections to third party anti-fraud systems and changes of presentation layers.The modifications may include connections to third party anti-fraud systems and changes of presentation layers.

On the list of advantages, this component visualizes all cashless transactions such as expenses and income, and helps to track budgets and goals. In the meantime, clients can register both clients and non clients as friends. This innovative system allows users to interact via loan requests, messages, and shared funding. Also, the clients can send money to non clients through e-mails, SMS, and direct messages.

All of these features represent StandFore and make it the best online banking platform software. The cutting edge technology and the flexible service oriented architecture make it to result in top class performance each and every time.