Game Design Document and why it is important


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So many people believe that having a design game document is not important. Well, they are wrong. They are of the notion that the design will just be discarded afterward. That is another huge mistake. Designing a game without having a game design document is like taking a vacation without knowing where you are going. You board a plane and you fly off to God knows where. How prepared are you for the living conditions and the atmospheric situations of that place. You aren’t.

Even though there is no preferred method of writing the document, writing it will help guide you as you develop the game at mobile game companies. It helps you get ready for whatever is to come.

As mentioned above, there are no set formats for writing a game design document. It is possible but very difficult to design a game successfully without its design document. The question now is why you would want to make the task very difficult for yourself. As a video game programmer, you are working as part of a team and the game design document becomes even more important. It helps you understand the other person’s plan and how you can tweak yours to make it look perfect. The document will help the team share similar ideas and find ways to make the game run successfully. Any problem will be solved before the programming even begins. If you want to be considered a serious programmer, then you have to utilize the unity document which helps to all game companies.

There are certain topics that should appear in your design document. The list is not rigid though as the topics ultimately depend on what type of game you are designing and what the features of this game are.

Here is the list:

· Platform: on what platform is the game supposed to run. You have to specify that.

· Genre: Is it action, adventure, racing, sports or whatever. Discuss that in your document.

· Target Age: Is the game meant for adults or for teenagers or for both.

· Brief Description: Briefly describe what the game is all about.

· List of game detail: The features of the game.

· Required specifications: List the required specifications for a device to run this game. The OS, sound, RAM etc.

The list can go longer than this depending on the design of your game. Failure to address all these issues will make the game useless at the end. It wouldn’t be specific and thus boring to customers.

Zgames does all that

If you are a fan of Zgames  – game development company, then you don’t have to worry. All our games have game design documents mapped out even before the programming begins. As the programming is in progress, we tweak the design to make it perfect thus producing games that will entertain our customers.