Best home automation system

Qulix system has been a great provider for smart home applications. It is a global and consulting company that provides solution oriented approaches and custom software application development services to its clients across multiple business domains. Smart home systems development or IoT systems are the latest, trending and in thing technology for homes today. Smart home technology simply means devices, appliances or systems that are connected to a common network that is independently and remote controlled. Smart home technologies are to help in making the work easier and also give someone a peace of mind. This is by simplifying simple routines by having them all in one systems and makes it easy to control and manage them.

Having smart home technologies will make it convenient for you to run all your home appliance, gadgets and devices from one central point. You also get to have maximum security for your home for example connection to motion sensors surveillance and other security measures and customizing them to give alerts when something happens. You also get to remote control all your home functions even when you are not home. For example you can use your remote control systems to be preheating you oven even before you get home to start cooking. plus you get to have improved appliances. for example a good oven to properly cook your chicken without worry that it may overcook. Having a smart home appliance will also help you save up on your energy and also increase flexibility when new gadgets and appliances are added on.

According to the Qulix systems for smart home developments, here are some interesting smart devices that you can have in your house.

The Dirror 

It looks like a mirror but it’s not just a mirror. There has a whole lot more about it. This mart device has widows 10 installed in it. It has a multi touch screen and a voice control too. You can read your mails, send mails, make calls as you do your hair. When in not in use it can be used as real mirror.

A multi room loudspeaker system

This system enables you to play your music from a computer or streaming service from any corner of your home. This internet of things software development system has a flexible extension while a single loud speaker can be extended to another so as to get a surround sound. The loud speakers are synchronized and complemented so as to have a good surround sound effect. The speaker has a touch interface so you just play your music by the just moving your finger. The speakers can operate on voice command to. This system is installed with 5 microphones to recognize your commands even from a far as a distance of 5 meters.

The floating smart watch charger.

Lift a wireless charger uses magnetic fields to provide energy to your Apple watch and also make you smart watch float in the air. Its orb which is a spherical lamp floats just as the smart watch on the induction surface and also glows atmospheric light. The system has a battery which also acts a perfect compact charger during travel.


Moorebot can be a personal assistant to you at your home or your office. It can sing, read, take and send pictures and messages and even dance. He will remind you of your appointments read notes for you and give all the iot development and happenings at your home. It has an eye that moves freely and can have humanlike expressions and moods. It has a small camera installed in its eye to take pictures and videos and monitor your surrounding areas. This is one interesting smart home appliance. It is fun too.


This will help you check on you food and its expiry date even when you are not home. The device with a magnetic base can be installed in your fridge. Its smart cam takes pictures every time you close your fridge and sends them to your phone. This way you will be able to see what is needed from the supermarket or grocery shop. There are also smart mats that come with it, which are tiny platforms that are put under all beverages and sends notification to your Smartphone when they are empty or even full